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Sharon Townson & Ellie Kynaston Filmmakers

How do people reinterpret the use of discarded natural materials for enterprise and monetary value?



Sharon and Ellie are recent UWE photography graduates with a passion for documentary filmmaking. Ellie currently works at UWE as a visiting technical assistant, whose photography and film projects often explore media driven self- identity and wider social issues. Sharon is a commercial photographer/filmmaker, and in addition, makes lens based work exploring the relationship between people and place.

Project Description

Concentrating on a particular area of the Zone, Ellie and Sharon bring together in-depths narratives of the lives and workers, which develop organically to bring a human face to the heavily industrial space.

” In their words… “

‘Stories from the Wood’ is a short documentary exploring the benefits of the Bristol Wood Recycling Project to the local community, through the personal narratives of three volunteers that work there.

Each has a different story, but collectively show that the work here is much more than simply an environmental concern. Together, they reveal the importance of the project in helping meet their physical, emotional and/or social needs, and in doing so, balancing some of the advantages of modern life in the UK.


Starring Susan J Howe
Ade Densley
Tandie Langton
Director & Cinematography Sharon Townson
Editor Ellie Kynaston
Music Composer Xavier Redkwa
Colourist Ryan Dunn
Sound Editor & Mixer Rich Caola