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Bristol City Council

The practice of urban design is central to the Bristol City Council’s City Design Group service. The Group comprises of two multi-disciplinary teams:

  • Place Shaping and
  • Urban Design and Conservation.

Urban designers are integrated within both.

All parts of our service are helping to shape new quality places throughout Bristol. They are also helping to improve the quality of existing neighbourhood areas and sites.

Urban design has been described as the art of making places for people. Urban design covers the connections between people and places. It considers the relationship between movement and the physical form of buildings, streets and neighbourhoods. Urban design considers the connection between nature and the built environment. It is also concerned with the processes that ensure successful places are delivered and maintained.

Urban design brings together issues of:

  •    planning
  •    transportation
  •    architecture
  •    development economics
  •    sustainability
  •    landscape and
  •    engineering.

It is therefore concerned with how places function, not just how they look.

Good urban design brings many benefits – economic, environmental and social – including public health benefits. Central Government guidance states that ‘good design is indivisible from good planning’. The Core Strategy Policy BCS21 states that new development in Bristol should deliver high quality urban design.

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